Getting Item id from custom context method on Tree Grid View


I have two new ItemTypes that i use to add project activities and tasks to the Part ItemType like this:

 Part, Project Activity, and Tasks Relationships

I have created a new query definition and tree grid view to display the structure on a new tab on the Part:

I have also created a custom context menu item with corresponsing method that is intended to set the Done property on the selected task.

The issue i am struggeling with is that i cant get the Item id of the selected row.

var taskItem = aras.newIOMItem('Task', 'edit');
var tgvContext = inArgs.contextParams.tgvContext;
var tgvGrid = tgvContext.grid;
var tgvGridData = tgvContext.getGridData()

var dataObject = tgvGridData.focus[0].row.cells[0].data;
aras.AlertError("Result: " + dataObject);

as shown from the output i get "INVALID_ID_VALUE"

Hope somebody can assist here.

  • Hi!

    You need some additional code to get the id. Something like this:

    const dataObjectAsString = gridData.focus[0].row.cells[0].data;
    const dataObject = JSON.parse(dataObjectAsString);

    const itemId =;


  • Hi Angelalp,

    Thanks for the feedback. It still showed the same invalid id with the added parse code.

    But, i found the root issue and it was related to the configuration of the Tree Grid View. The "Data Template" on the mapped element was incorrect. When i updated it to "{"id": "{}", "type": "Task"}" on the Task name property everything worked as intended.

    Bernt Ove

  • I right now noticed that my code never would have worked in your scenario. Why should you parse something that is already invalid? You just get an even more invalid result...

    Happy to hear that you solved it!