CorporateTimeZone Issue

Hello Guys,

Please suggest me. Why India Standard Time Zone is not working in Aras Innovator Version 12.0 SP9 ?

But I try others CorporateTimeZone it's working.

for example :

Korea Standard Time

South Africa Standard Time

Can you help me please?

  • Hi Ashok

    Corporate time zone is visible only when the user time zone is different from the local time zone. Say for example: If user logged in from location other than india, then IST will be shown to that user as corporate time (Assuming application is hosted in India location). If showing local time is your requirement then comment out below mentioned lines in  the below Method : cui_default_mwh_initCorpTime

    (Comment Line from 2 to 6)

    const timeOffset = document.corporateToLocalOffset;
    // if (!timeOffset) {
    // return {
    // hidden: true
    // };
    // }

  • Thank you much . 

    It's working after restart IIS server.


    Ashok Kumar Yadav

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