Control of Manufacturing Certifications - Examples: HAZLOC, SIL, PED, etc.

How do you control your manufacturing certifications such as HAZLOC, SIL and PED?  Do you create a Document for each certification and add the files to that container then relate (link) that document to the parts involved? 

We need to be able to search for the various properties each certification has.  Do you have individual fields on your document form that are specific for certifications? (I have version 11).

  • Hi,

    that´s a legit question! I tried out many solution for similar documents and it highly depends on the document itself. Luckily in my case nothing can explode so I cannot tell exactly for your type of docs.

    First question: Are these documents written by your company or do they come from your suppliers? Or do even both sides have to write this kinds of documents? 

    1. If you write them and also want to store the original file in Aras --> Document item

    2. If somebody else write them any you collect PDFs  -> Extended Manufacturing Part OR Certification Item.

    Of course it also depends of how many Parts need to store this kind of risk information. All of them? Or only a few?

    Case 2 leads to a second question: Who maintains the documents? Are these the same people that control Manufacturer Parts?

    1. If yes, maybe extend the Manufacturer Part.

    2. If no, separate "Certification item". 

    "Certification itemTm ® © " is an invention by myself, so don´t be worried you never heard it. In my case it´s a complete separate ItemType. But it is 1:1 linked to Manufacturer Parts and also displayed inside the MParts.
    So it looks like an extension of MParts, but it´s completely independent and has an own lifecycle.

    It also has the benefit, that we don´t blast the OOTB ItemTypes with custom properties that are only needed for a small amount of items.

    Some some kind of similar attempt is also shown in this community project: