Method for power deleting a bogus part

What is the method for getting past the message

"Part cannot be deleted. It is used in Part BOM related_id C0FDB52A894347949EC7F21DB31E6709."

At first glance, one might ask, why would you ever ever ever want to do that?  Well, there are reasons that I may, as admin, want to delete the part as if it had never existed (duplcate, bogus, fat finger entry, bad import, etc)

Now, I have written SQL code that can purge every relation of which the item is a child, and it works, but this is not the preferred method as it is "Back Door" and very risky.

Keep in mind that this may be necessary, especially early in the Aras implementation when bogus parts are discovered and the company is not heavily relying on the integrity of the data....Yet.

I am hoping I have missed something fundamental 


  • Hi Kent,

    there is no standard secure Method cause Aras´ itself didn´t want to take the risk of people loosing data. It´s of course human that mistakes happen and nobody likes a messy database.

    The most secure and correct variant is to set the Part to state "Obsolete" and then repair the affected BOMs (create new item generation). You can hide Obsolete Parts by Method from the grid so users don´t see them. Positive aspect: No data is lost. Sometimes you need the information of a duplicate to track some historic event.

    For single Parts that aren´t used this is the preferred behavior. If you want to purge the BOMs things are more tricky. To delete the Part, you have to delete the relationship. But of course if you use float behavior it can happen, that multiple levels are affected and often the parent parts are released already. 

    Breakout: It´s one of the biggest obstacles in Aras change management, as changes (new revision) are already added to the database, even the change process has not been finished yet. Ever noticed that the ECO has many review steps and no cancel option? It´s simply because of the missing rollback option.

    If you want to offer a rollback option, you have to do it on your own. I wouldn´t use SQL cause it´s too dangerous. You can use AML with admin privilege's to purge your parts. This is of course still risky, but at least a little bit more secure than SQL. I don´t have a solution for this one, but maybe this input helps: Do you really need floating Parts in the BOM? Cause when you use fixed behavior, you have a much better control over the used Parts in your BOM from the start.