Clientbrowser not updated after changing form design

After making changes to a form (e.g. adding a new field to the Part form) some of the clients do not see the changes.

I already tried deleting browser cache, changing browser, restarting/recycling application pools etc.

Still some of the clients (Chrome or Edge) do get the updated fields, others not.  

They all have the same rights

Is there a option/way to push a change to the browser, is it user dependent, ... ?

Is there a way to find out where it goes wrong?

Aras Version : 11SP12

Thanks for any tip

  • It´s unusual that your users don´t see the Part form changes. Normally they should instantly see it after

    1. You saved and closed your ItemType (important!)
    2. Client logged out and logged in to Innovator

    Maybe this one helps:

    Edit: Ensure that your users use the correct link to open Innovator. Often people store links that contains the "X-salt" string. This typically happens when they add the current used link to favorites. But in this case users will not get informed when cached data is outdated (indicated by an increase of the x-salt value).