Apply Sorting on Tree Grid View

Is there a way to sort rows/content in alphabetical order in tree grid view ?. We have a relationship tab where we add the relationship items , using tree query definition we build a tree grid view but we need to sort the rows in aplbhateical order . does Aras OOTB has this capability ?
  • I remember I asked for this feature around 3 years ago and Aras said it´s a great idea! (TGVs were still a pretty new feature at this time). Never heard anything since then :-).

    Which Innovator version do you use? Do you have tested the "Sorting" menu inside the Query Definition?

    Translation: Right click -> Edit Query Element -> Sorting (or similar text).

    As far as I remember the feature was grayed out in the past or didn´t sort reliable. I am not sure anymore. I have not tested if it works now. 

    So depending on your Innovator version, there is a change that sorting was implemented. It was definitely not a feature present in previous versions (11SP15,...). Would be happy to know your results!

  • In latest versions of innovator, yes you can click on column headers in TGV and it will sort ascending or descending. I have used it for ARAS 12SP08. Not sure in which version this was introduced

  • Sorting enables you to sort data in the Ascending or Descending order. To sort a column, click the column header. To sort multiple columns, press and hold the CTRL key and click the column header. You can clear sorting of any one of the multi-sorted columns by pressing and holding the SHIFT key and clicking the specific column header.