Aras Conversion Server altering modified_by_id property


I recently realised that after saving cad documents modified_by_id property changes to  'Innovator Admin' instead of my user id.

I think the problem caused by conversion server. I want to see who modified that cad document but conversion server overrides modified_by_id property after save.

How can I prevent this behaivour?

  • Hi! It depends. Which conversion process are you using? CAD conversion? MPP publishing?

  • I am using CAD conversion process.

  • Not sure if it´s possible to change this behavior.

    I don´t use CAD conversion by myself. But you could take a look at the Methods triggered in side your conversion rule (e.g. within Rule Events or Task Event Templates). If some of the Methods use the "Innovator Admin" as identity to "do something", it´s theoretically possible to change the used identity or make it dependent from the actual user.

    But regarding CAD conversion, a lot of Methods are burred inside DLLs. If the "Innovator Admin" is hard coded within a DLL, it´s impossible to change it. 

    If you are an Aras subscriber, I would ask Aras support for this one. Or maybe some other member inside this community has a better idea.