Unable to load End of Sale/ End of Support Not available fields with Boolean 1

Hello Batchloader team

I am trying to load End of Sale Not available and  End of Support Not available fields with Boolean 1 against unique P/Ns in the Manufacture Parts table

I loaded the data correctly with txt file as shown in the preview.

I think the template (which is auto-generated) is incorrect

<Item type='Manufacturer Part' action='edit'>
<Item type='Manufacturer Part' action='get' select='id'>

What would be the solution to not get a failed result ?

  • Hi Parth,

    Not sure if you can really do an edit in this way with the embedded "get" query.

    Try this variant:

    <Item type="Manufacturer Part" action="edit" where="keyed_name= '@1' ">



    Best regards!


  • Edit: You mentioned your template was autogenerated. I assume you replaced the original 'add'-action with 'edit'? The Batchloader Wizard is mainly optimized for adding stuff. Each other use case you normally have to optimize by yourself to work.

  • @angelap Angela - The above variant actually worked for me. The whole purpose for using batch-loader at my organization is to load data in bulk instead of manual data entry.

    Some use cases- 

    1) Add/Update EOS/EOL dates to already existing manufacturing parts

    2) Add additional vendor and vendor_product _cost (under AVL) linked to the main product table (TOC)

  • Here Part number is a unique ID (part table). This table is linked to AVL. the task is to add vendor and cost for 150 unique part numbers. Considering 3columns:  part number (part table), vendor name (AVL table) and Cost (AVL table) - what should my query be ?

  • What have you tried so far? Your AVL probably contains Vendor items that already exist. Try to learn more about regular AML queries. You will notice that these kind of queries are pretty standard: 

      <Item type='Part' action='edit' where="keyed_name= '@1'">
         <Item type='your Part AVL' action='add'>
    <Item action="get" type="your Vendor type" select="id">