How to Implement Grid Cell FilteringSelect or AutoComplete Tooltip?

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      How to Implement Grid Cell FilteringSelect  or AutoComplete Tooltip?

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    Is the property in main form or in relationship.? If this property is in main form then you can use below method and attach the form populate event. I tested for owned by id property

    var item = getFieldComponentByName('owned_by_id');
    item.component.request = function()
    var itemType = this.state.itemType;
    var maxCount = this.state.maxItemsCount;
    var label = this.state.label;
    var req ='<Item type="' + itemType + '" select="keyed_name" maxRecords="' + maxCount + '" action="get">' +
    '<keyed_name condition="like">' + label + '*</keyed_name>' +
    '<is_alias>1</is_alias>' +
    return ArasModules.soap(req, {async: true});

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    How Implement the property  in Grid Container combine with data grid to do filteringselect job?

    i  develop a html page include grid container. One of grid cell is datatype: Item. But how to implement the cell to do when Cell Click will show  filteringselect tooltip.

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    Check out this very helpful article from Chris from Aras that contains the solution: