Batch Loader displays fail message when uploading mass data in PLMA

I am trying to update PLMA with values in the field which are currently blank using a primary key in a Tab delimited Text file.

I am getting an autogenerated template in Batch loader

<Item type='Part' action='edit'>

I can verify the data, but when I try to load, it gives me a fail result

Error message: 



Can I get guidance on why am I getting the error message ?

  • Hi Parth

    Edit action in AML should have where attribute. Update your query like below

    <Item action="edit" type="Part" where="[Part].item_number ='@1'">

    Note: Above query will create new generation of Part item and update only latest generation. If you don't want to create new generation then use below query

    <Item action="edit" type="Part" where="[Part].item_number ='@1'" version="0">

    Thank You

    Gopikrishnan R

  • Thank you Gopikrishnan.

    I used this template in batchloader.

    I am getting the following error now:
    Code: SOAP-ENV:Server.InsufficientPermissionsException
    Message: You have insufficient permissions to perform 'update' operation.

    Details: You have insufficient permissions to perform 'update' operation.

    Is this an access issue ? I am already an admin in PLMA

  • Yes it is an permission issue. Can you check the permission for Part item ? or can you try using root user account

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