Has Aras started to discontinue on-premise and small/mid-sized subscriptions?

Hi community,

this is an unusual question for community. I am writing this post, as so far I weren´t able to get a helpful answer for weeks. In best case my concerns are totally wrong, which would be the best answer I could get!

I would be happy if community could help me to find an answer to the following question:

Has Aras started to discontinue existing on-premise subscriptions? Especially of small/mid-sized accounts?

Background: It´s no big secret that the Aras business model has changed and they have a strong focus on large account. In addition also cloud hosting gets more an more important. This brings a lot of positive affects to entire community. But I wonder if the term "community" has also changed during this development.
In the past I often heard the commitment, that Aras will always continue subscriptions of small/mid-sized accounts. I even have a recording were this statement appears.

Does anyone of you know, if these previous commitments are still valid today? Does anyone know if it´s true, that Aras started to discontinue existing accounts when they don't fit the new business model? Can anyone confirm, that also previous and/or currently active community contributors are affected?

Any help to find an answer is highly appreciated! I will delete the post by myself, in case my concerns are proven wrong.


(I am one of Aras´ most contributing community members, ACE speaker and and submitted many ideas to Aras that helped to improve the Innovator product. I know that a lot of Innovator users, partners and even Aras employees were inspired by my ideas in this forum.
Due to contract restrictions, I am not allowed to tell if the topic addressed in this post affects myself. I only ask out of personal general interest.)

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