Is it possible to associate two or more workflows to the same Item type ?


I am new to Aras.

My question is:

Is it possible to associate two or more workflows to the same Item Type?

At the time of initiating the workflow, how one can pick one of the several workflows?

Secondly, using code is it possible to pause a workflow for some time (say 4 minutes) before it executes the next step?



  • What is the reason to allow end user to choose a workflow? I can describe normal scenario and possible ways to achieve this.

    1. Normally default workflow is initiated automatically when a new Item is created.
    2. You can avoid it by not specifying default workflow but rather specifying a workflow on a particular lifecycle state. In such case Workflow will be initiated when Item reaches that particular LC state.
    3. Now above ability can be utilized to initiate different workflows. You can configure different classifications on Item and specify LC for each classification. On first LC state of these LC maps you can attach Classification specific Workflows.

    At the outset, just using configurations, you can initiate default workflow or Classification Specific Workflow configured on Classification specific LC. I am not aware  if there can be a way to allow end user to choose a workflow.

  • Hi

    Yes, it is possible to allow user to select the workflow using some action. Refer this blog

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