Hide Relationship Tabs based on Parent Classification Type

Hi All,


Use case : On Part Item , based on the classification Type selected , the Part BoM relationship tab should be Hidden/Made Visible.


I know it is now possible to hide tabs without using any custom code with the help of CUI ,


Refer : https://community.aras.com/b/english/posts/hiding-tabs-using-cui


With the help of the same I was able to set the Tab Visibility based on the Item Type Classification :


However , On Creation of the Part Item when the user selects the Classification Assembly , the CUI changes are not available, only when the user closes the Part and opens it again does the "Part BOM" relationship become visible.


Is there any way to invoke the CUI changes on the Form Events ? Or should I be using a Method to hide/unhide the relationship tab rather than the CUI for the current use case.