Vaults to a different server folders


Is it possible to configure different server folders to use different vaults. Example, I want to have 2 vaults: 1) Public images 2) Internal images. And then define some users to use 'Public images' vault and some users 'Internal images'. And when images are uploaded Public images (vault) would go C:\Aras\Public and Internal -> C:\Aras\Internal. Now it seems the files are going under same vault folder (even if I use different vaults).

Any insight on that anyone?

  • I think it´s possible but I don´t know exactly how. It´s possible to specify a second Vault. As far as I remember the "Located" ItemType contains the link to the target vault. 

    I actually use a similar concept for images by myself. I have the regular Vault for all kind of files and a second vault for thumbnail images. This one uses a vault like file structure but in my case this "Image-Vault" is basically part of the codetree.

    My thumbnail images are not stored in the default Vault, but in this second location by custom logic. In my case it was mainly a customization to improve performance on image load as I wanted to display images in the grid. In the past displaying multiple vaulted images at once leaded to a server crash, not sure if this one was fixed.

    One disadvantage: The thumbnail images are theoretically accessible from outside Innovator when people know the exact address. In my case we mostly have generic images, so this was no problem. But this should be considered when you have an environment that require high security standards or is cloud hosted. So if using a secondary Vault doesn´t work, a custom codetree Vault definitely does!