Version 12 SP9 - Cannot access O Auth server 500 error

I installed ARAS 12 SP9 with dependencies of right version installed prior to it.  Installation was successful. 

Post installation, I logged into ARAS webclient using edge & chrome and faced the error shown below


These are the list of dependencies installed

Why does it fail to load login screen?

  • Hi,

    based on your shown images you made a role model installation. Which unfortunately makes it hard to tell what is wrong.

    OAuthServer 500 error is caused by a missing 2.1.8 Core Runtime. You have installed this one, but have your really installed the "Hosting bundle"? In my case non of the other versions worked.

    See the difference at minute 9:40 in this video:

    Maybe also the .NET 5.0.5 Windows Server Hosting has some influence. But I am not sure.

  • Thanks   that helped me cross that hurdle.  But I'm stuck in login screen

     I’m currently not able to login.  Displays the following error


     I restored the database and also ran following commands.  After restarting SQL server and IIS, still see the same error.

    -- Query 1 (should succeed)
    -- use $(dbname);
    sp_change_users_login 'Update_One','innovator_regular','innovator_regular'
    sp_change_users_login 'Update_One','innovator','innovator'

    -- Query 2 (should fail)
    -- use $(dbname);
    sp_grantdbaccess 'innovator','innovator'

    -- Query 3 (should succeed)
    -- use $(dbname);
    sp_addrolemember 'db_owner','innovator'

  • Hi Subramaniank,

    "license key is invalid" is a typical hint that there is something wrong with the license key in the InnovatorServerConfig.xml.

    I address a similar issue in minute 14:10 of my video. In my case the license key was "missing", while it is "invalid" in your case. So I assume you have a license key, but there is something wrong with it.

    Did you pass the correct MAC address to Aras to get the correct license key for the instance you are currently using? You cannot reuse license keys that you may have requested for other servers or previous Innovator versions. Each instance needs a new one.

    Let me know if this one was the reason. It would be a good addition for the video.

  • Hi

    I requested new license with my mac address, and updated in InnovatorServerConfig.xml.  Also restarted SQL server & IIS.  Now the previous error is gone.  I'm not clear, why the license that worked during installation, fails later.

    With this issue fixed, now I'm facing the next issue 'The Database is not available:Login failed for database user, contact your system administrator.'

  • During installation the license is not needed and not verified. You mainly enter it in the installer for your own convenience, because it´s then automatically written to the InnovatorServerConfig.xml.

    You should become a subscriber to my Youtube channel. It has tons of valuable content, e.g. this one regarding the database is not available error message:

    Actually solution is the same that you have mentioned in your previous post with the sp_change_users_login commands. In my case I also had to refresh/restart the database. Shouldn´t be hard to fix.