Technical support / Consultation for money

Dear all, 


I have some problems with software and can’t find the solution. Could you tell me if I can buy consultation of the specialist to solve the issue or technical support? 

If someone knows the program well, and could give the could help for some money, please let me know

Thanks all for your response.

Best regards, Kseniya

  • Hi Kseniya,

    I assume you are using Innovator without license as free user? 

    Can you explain where you need help? Do you need basic explanation of PLM at all, do you want to customize Aras or do you need a programmer? This way you can easier find a partner that really fits your need. For free-users I would not recommend the biggest partners on the market. I can of course recommend myself if you only need part-time help. 

    But: It´s maybe cheaper for you to pay for the Aras trainings. There your learn a lot within 4-5 days which will already help you to cover most tasks you face in the beginning. Configuring solution training is an excellent start. The trainings are right now online based. I really can recommend them!

    And you are always welcomed to ask your questions in this forum. 



  • Angela, hello

    Yes, I have checked and our Company uses now the free version. I need some basic explanation of PLM at all and want to customize Aras. Read the Manual but have a lot of questions about how its works and why is not work sometimes. We have IT support in our company and could solve some technical issues. But what's inside the program, sometimes it gets hard to understand. I think the part-time help is fitted for us especially we are at the beginning and testing software for efficiency of using.

    Minerva assumes the support but it's very expensive, which partners you know and recommends on the market?

    Training on the website do you mean this? 


  • Most bigger partners are focused on selling customizations, but will probably not explain you how to do it by yourself. That´s nothing to criticize , these are the right choice if you already know exactly what you need and don´t want to spend time by yourself. 

    But I assume you need somebody who trains you to do it by yourself. That´s what I am focused on. I my case I normally do short 15-30 minutes meetings to hear peoples demand so I know if I can help at all. I am cheaper than Minerva, but regarding to costs I can especially recommend partners from Eastern Europe or India.

    Yes, the website shows the trainings. The "Essentials" training covers basic "using" of Innovator. It covers the out-of-the-box Part, Document and Change Management. The "Configuring" training shows you how to make your own ItemTypes, Lifecycles, Workflows, Form, etc. . The "Developers" training shows you how to use Methods, buttons, actions, connections, ....

    I can recommend you all of them. You can also find a lot of helpful content in the Aras Tech Blog and Youtube. But paying for training is cheaper then spending hours of searching by yourself.