Blank Screen After login depending on users - Aras Innovator 12 -

Dear all,

I have been running ARAS v12 for a while without any problems under firefox.

This morning, some users came up with a blank screen while others could log in without any problem.

I have explored the forum without finding a topic that corresponds to this question.

Thank you in advance ! I would really appreciate the help.



  • Hi Laurent,

    this one reminds of one of my older issues. 

    Do your users have a correct "clock". Is the "clock" on your server correct? Sounds like a stupid reason, but I was surprised that other faced the same. Check out this one:

  • Hi Laurent,

    Even I had the same issue. Please check User Clock. 5minutes also will result in blank screen.



  • Dear Pankaj,
    Thank you for considering my request. I have seen that it could come from a problem of clock synchronization but I don't think it is that. Indeed, from the same environment (my computer), I can establish connections with some users and for others it is impossible, I get this blank screen. I can't understand how this is possible, except maybe for a problem in the database.

  • Dear Angelap,

    thank for the suggestion. I already explore this option, Computers were perfectly synchronized. The weird thing is that from the same environment, some users can login succesfully and others cannot.

    I have reinstalled a former version of the virtual machine that support Aras, I was obliged due to the fact I needed an operationnal version today.

    I am now suspicious about something that happens and that requires the suppression of the activities history of the browser. Nevertheless, I was not aware of that and I did not test it. Now  I am working with the restored version.