Hello everyone!

I can't find the solution to this problem, we did a back up of the system and reinstall another, now I have a problem with creating the documents/ When create the new document getting this error. If someone met or knows that is the reason please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

  • I assume you get the error message as soon as you create the new document with a file? Or does it also appear with out file upload.

    DoPhyscialFiles is a typical Vault server error message. Check if your Vault server is mapped correctly under the admin section. As it mentioned the user name, maybe your vadmin has changed?

  • Angelalp, thank your reply!

    only when I do create a new fail with documents. 

    I will check the Vault, bt how can I check the vadmin if I have changed ?

  • vadmin is one of the Users. It available OOTB and comes with the database. It´s common to change the password of the vadmin after installation for security reasons. In older Innovator version the password of the vadmin was also somewhere specified in a codetree file, so when you change one pw, you also had to change the other. Shouldn´t be the case in your Innovator 12, cause Aras switrched to token access.

    You have mentioned you restored the database.

    Have you changed the database name also? Do you have changed the URL? Do you have changed Vault location (e.g. used a different install path)?

    I would check Administrator -> File Handlings -> Vault   in the Database.

    And also VaultServer/vault.config in the codetree. Depending on you´re version maybe also InnovatorServerConfig.xml, but it looks like you´re using Innovator 12, so this one shouldn´t be necessary.

  • have checked the Vault it is everything is ok. But have found that haven't vadmin, suppose we deleted it.

    What we need to do to create this user again? and how ?

  • Impossible! You should not be able to delete the Vault admin. It´s pretty secured for good reason. Do you really have not entry like this one?

    To delete this user you either must do it in database directly or change a lot of permissions. Regarding licensing: These kind of users don´t count for your Aras subscription, so you don´t win any extra license when deleting them.

    Are you in test or production database?

    I am not sure if simply adding the vadmin again manually would work. It´s will probably work "somehow", but it´s not a proper solution. vadmin is configured and used very different than other users, mainly cause of security reasons.

    When you create your own vadmin this item also will have a different id than the original one, which can lead to other problems. In best case try to restore the user from another database if you´re are not in a test database anyway.

    For testing you may be able to assign another user the vault.config, but again, not recommend cause of security.

    If you are a subscriber: Don´t follow any of my tips and ask Aras official support about this one! This way you get a save and proper solutions! Espcially when you are in a production database!

  • AngelaIP checking the information about the database. 

    Thank you very much for your good explanationa and support! 

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