ACE 2021 - Aras Community Event - Would be happy to see a few people from community!

Hi Community,

does anyone of you attend this years Aras Community Event? Would be happy to see and meet a few members from community. 

There are a lot of people in this forum that helped me with my technical questions and I assume there are also a few members that were happy with my own answer. I think ACE 2021 is a great opportunity to at least say "Hello" to each other!

Event hasn´t started yet, but I may face a technical issue already. I cannot log in! I always receive an "Account Inactive" error message. That´s maybe due to the fact, that the event hasn´t officially started yet. Would be happy to know, if anyone of you is able to login already?

Best regards and see you later!

Angela (Ippisch)

  • Hello Angela,

    I have seen you helping community a lot. Hope the community sprit grows.

    I was able to login. I had to reset my password though.


  • Hi Jayraj, 

    thanks for the information! There seems to be a problem with my account. I have reset my password but I am still receive the "Account is inactive!" error message. Look like the account isn´t activated. Do you know a contact email address where I can report these kind of technical issues?


  • I have now registered a new account and now it seems to work. You should find me at the beginning of the "Who is online" list. I am happy that I have a name that starts with "A".

  • Angelalp,

    I'm glad the new account works! This is a new setup this year, and I hope technical issues don't keep anyone from attending. Most of Labs should be registered and around as well, though some of us are ducking in and out as we keep things running in the "office" today! 

    And to everyone else- see you at ACE!

    Skyler C.

  • Hi Skyler, 

    I can report even better news! Your ACE team where able to restore my original account, so I am right now even online in stereo.

    Also it didn´t prevent that other attendees now make jokes about me -> "there are no tech issue, you have been simply been BANNED on purpose :)"


    But jokes aside, I am happy that your people were able to resolve this one fast! Many thanks again! The platform works pretty well once you have understand how it works. I needed some time to discover that there is video chat option.

    Will definitely reach to Labs for a quick chat!