I founded a LinkedIn Aras Innovator End User Community, would be happy if you join too!

Hi Community,

I founded an "Aras Innovator End User Community" group on LinkedIn. The goal is to provide a platform for end users to share ideas and work together on projects. It happens pretty often that companies want to solve the same kind of technical challenge in Innovator. With this group I want to achieve that you can find suitable partners more easily. The group shall help to get a second opinion to Innovator related question. E.g. is CAD connector xy better than yz? Is this partner product recommended? ...


Important note: I don´t want to see advertisement in this group. I only will add members that can be clearly identified as end users. Partners are allowed when they support the collaboration in community without trying to sell their own services :).

Would be happy if you join too!

Best regards!


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