Database compatibility


I was wondering if anyone on this forum has successfully upgraded from Innovator 12SP0 to 12SP9.  According to past threads on this topic, changes between different service packs should be minimum to allow upgrade when database has not been customized but I am not having much luck.


  • Hi Schauhan,

    most important question first: Are you a subscriber or free users?

    Things are a lot easier when your are a subscriber, but also updating the free user version is possible.

  • Hi Angela,

    I am running free version.  We are too small to be in a subscription program.


  • Hi Schauhan,

    please ask the following questionnaire:

    1. Do use Aras applications? (MPP, CE,..)?

    2. Do you have modified the codetree?

    3. Do use Aras partner application like CAD connector or custom applications?

    4. Do you modified existing ItemTypes, Forms, Method, Lifecycles, Workflow, etc.?

    5. Do you use CUSTOM ItemTypes, Forms, Methods, etc.?

    6. Do you use a language pack?

    7. Do you use community projects?

    8. Anything else that is special in your setup?

    You probably could update with a patch. BUT: This one is an subscriber only option. I don´t think the update patches are available for free users.

    So will probable have to make parallel installation, move your data and then relink your Innovator URL to the new installation.
    Yes, it´s a lot of work. Preparation and documentation are the keys.

    You need to have a 100% (!) overview of your customizations and data. You first rebuild your own structure.
    In best case you haven´t modified existing itemTypes manually, but by script. And all of your custom items are clearly separated from ootb items so you can export/import them.

    Then you have to transfer the actual data. Also consider that there are secondary ItemTypes affected, like History, Vault, Located, etc. So you have to check every (!) table for content that you need to transfer.

    Things get complicated as soon as you use applications, partner software and modified too many existing Aras stuff. It can happen that you have to rewrite Methods.

    I got more and more free user update requests and right now look for a best practice approach by myself. In best case community could work together to collect useful scripts and tips so everybody has a change to succeed. Would be happy if more people join this discussion!