PDF and Image file handling


On my latest installation of Aras open (12 SP9) clicking on pdf and image file (png, jpeg, etc) Files attached to Document item type automatically downloads it.  Changing Chrome setting related to how PDF files are handled or using different browsers seems to have no effect. 

I would like PDF and image files to open in a separate browser window as it did on an older installation of Aras 12 SP0.  Are there any server related settings that control how these file types are handled out of box?



  • Hi community,

    I got feedback from support and it turned out that this one is a know bug fixed in Innovator 12SP10. I tested it out in a test environment and can confirm that it was fixed. There is no official patch available, so if you are free-users I cannot tell what they exactly changed. I have seen nothing obvious in the relevant files. 

    Hope this helps!


  • Do they have any hotfix which can be downloaded?


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