PDF and Image file handling


On my latest installation of Aras open (12 SP9) clicking on pdf and image file (png, jpeg, etc) Files attached to Document item type automatically downloads it.  Changing Chrome setting related to how PDF files are handled or using different browsers seems to have no effect. 

I would like PDF and image files to open in a separate browser window as it did on an older installation of Aras 12 SP0.  Are there any server related settings that control how these file types are handled out of box?



  • Hi Sam,

    it should be possible to change file opening behavior with vault.config file in VaultServer. There you can change download behavior for each file type.

    1. attachment – downloaded in UI
    2. inline – load file in the browser



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  • Thanks Angela,

    For MIME type image/png and application/pdf the Content-Disposition is set to inline in vault config file.  But for both types, Chrome opens a new blank window and then downloads the file to the default download folder while the blank windows just hangs in there.  The same client computer behaves differently with another Aras installation so it must be some server related settings but I cannot figure out what it could be.  I made sure that these MIME types are set in IIS but no luck.


  • I am not sure if this one is more a Chrome related restriction. I would also be interested in a solution. It´s indeed bring benefits when you can open PDFs directly. 

  • I have a same problem. Aras 11sp12 can view pdf online but with Aras 12sp9, the pdf file is downloaded (both use only Chrome browser). I have to tried edit vault.config, web.config but not succeeded.

    The work around is use extension Undisposition on Chrome

  • Any input from Aras employees monitoring this forum will be much appreciated.  It is a big convenience if users can preview files in browser window before downloading.


  • I am not sure if there are currently much Aras employees monitoring this forum. Must of the time forum members help themselves already, so they had become a little bit too laid back.

    What will happen if you change the last mimeType setting in the vault.config from attachment to inline? Will it then open the file in the browser?

    <mimeType value="*">
    <add name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment"></add>

    This one is the setting used for each unspecified file type. 

    If this works and the pdf (but of course also each other file) will be opened, than I think I know the reason. It´s chrome itself.

    Check out this one:




    With the removal of Flash, there is no longer the need to return anything for navigator.plugins and navigator.mimeTypes. These APIs were used primarily for a) probing for Flash player support, or b) fingerprinting. As such, we'd like to return empty for these two properties. Gecko already switched to returning *only* Flash starting with Firefox 52, and returning empty as of Firefox 85.


    Maybe we can find a solutions similar to the one used for SAP:



    Other hints from SAP community:



  • It is the same behavior with other browsers such as Opera and Edge, and other files types such as png, jpeg etc.  For some reason "inline" setting for content disposition is ignored in Aras 12 SP9.

  • Out of interest: Has anyone asked Aras support about this one already?

  • This is still an unresolved issue as far as I know.


  • Ah ok. I have seen a couple of similar discussions in this forum so I definitely think that there are many persons who would love to have solution for this one.

    Anyway, I made a ticket. Let´s hope there is a solution.