New PhoneHomeCall module in Innovator 12 - impact for EU customers and possible enhancement

Hi Community,

was anyone of you actively informed about the new PhoneHomeCall module in Innovator 12? I assume the new feature mainly affects European customers as it also tracks user activity. 

Disabling the feature is possible (official documentation available!), but from my POV the overall module should be more transparent so companies know what´s going on and avoid legal pitfalls.
I was surprised about the amount of tracked data after I requested a copy of our companies data. In Innovator 11 mainly license information and amount of users were submitted, which is of course is of legitimate interest and was also clearly described in the terms-of-use.

I already submitted an enhancement request so admins can see the data and decide by themselves what data to share. I personally even would be very happy to have some kind of admin statistic panel. For planning the long term PLM strategy within a company it´s very helpful to see how many users actively use the system and what features they mainly use (and how often).

Would be happy about any support from community to support this idea! My request right now will not be considered as long as no target account asks for it.

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  • What is this module? How is it used?

  • It´s Aras tool for providing the update notification ("Aras Innovator 12.0 SPxy Now Available") inside Innovator. It´s also checks if a subscriber has more active users than purchased licenses.

    They changed the feature with the introduction of Innovator 12. It now also collects usage statistics. Unfortunately there is no public information available regarding these extension of the feature. I found the new feature by accident in the codetree and database.

    Don´t you work for an Aras partner? I thought at least partners were informed?

  • Many thanks for clarification . I work for Aras Partner. But to be honest I was not aware that active users are tracked this way.

  • The Support/Update team gave me the information and also the copy of the data. Getting the data on request worked fast and transparent.

    But I assume most users would prefer, if they do not have to actively ask by themselves for this information. "Telemetrie" is an active position on the roadmap, so it´s not unlikely, that the feature might change or even expand.

    Support also helped me to create this enhancement request:

    IR-088100 - Make Phone Home more Transparent 

    It covers three topics:

    1. Better communication and documentation
    2. Choice option for admins 
    3. Admin page to see the data (as mentioned before, the data itself is useful for admins)

    From my POV, at least documentation regarding the collected statistics is mandatory. I submitted the request in October 2020, but I haven´t seen any update yet. Support unfortunately doesn´t have much influence which topics are considered by product management. 

    Tried to get some support for the request the past few month. Some Aras partners I had asked agreed and promised to address the topic, but without success. From c-level management I got the refreshing feedback: "Tell me a reason why we should care for the opinion of one of our smallest accounts?" and "key accounts professionals are fine with it". Face palm
    Unfortunately the IPO roadmap leaves little room for the old community spirit. I wonder how all of these real Innovator-Pro´s (that outsource 100% of development work) are fine with something, that is not communicated.

    Phoning home is often controversial discussed. I support the view shown in this article:
    Especially within the data management world, "transparency" should be general attitude.

    So any support from community (especially when you are a "real" professional :-) ) regarding IR-088100 would be highly appreciated!

  • This is a placeholder comment to keep this discussion at top of list. 

  • I did some testing and I am not sure if the current solutions provided by Aras really disables the PHC module. It´s a little bit hard to analyze, but even with the patch the statistics still seemed to be send. I am not sure what to think about this one.