Setting currency format in Reporting and in the system generally

I'm working on a Self Service Report which includes a cost column. The standard currency format shows me the £ symbol (GBP) even though I'm sitting in Germany and it should use the € (EUR) symbol. I also can't manually edit the format.


  • Where does it get the format from? I really hope it's not getting it from my browser settings as that would be very dangerous
  • Is there any way to manually set the number configuration? Just typing into the box doesn't work
  • Where is the system-wide currency set, if possible? Costs, as an item property seem to be without units. I could see this causing confusion in an international setting.

Also, the documentation for Self Service Reporting is very weak, just covering the tip of the iceberg of the capabilities. Is there another source of more detailed information?

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  • Haven´t tested this one, but I thought settings the currency would be possible through Format?

    More detailed information is available, when you google your question in the "Izenda" report engine documentary directly. This page e.g. mentions monetary units. Styling is bit different, but features are the same.

    There is no system-wide currency settings. It´s one of the many many missing PLM standard features in Innovator. Always keep in mind: Innovator is a showcase platform. Under the surface there are many essentials missing.

    Self-Service Reports are unfortunately not the best report service. Self Service Reports are only the report of choice, when you need reports that are based on the permission model (advanced security) and needed to be exported to xls/pdf.

    Even Aras uses XSLT and Microsoft SSRS much more than their own Self-Service Report service. 

  • Thank you!

    When you click in one of those boxes that you highlight, you only get a limited set of possible formats. You can't manually type anything into that box. There also seems to be no way to edit that list of formats.

    I also had a look at the izenda site, but so much seems to have been taken out to simplify it for Aras, that the formatting features are simply not there