Set existing Property to Required in Production - Unable to Save ItemType (Aras 12SP9)


We need to set some existing properties to Required on the CAD Item type (Native File, Type, Authoring Tool). All CAD Document records have been scrubbed to ensure all records have data in these properties, but when we Save the CAD ItemType we receive the error that there are Null values in these properties.

We have attempted to save after only changing one of these Properties each time and each returns the Null error.

How can we set existing Properties in a production instance to Required without receiving this error?

Best regards,

  • Hi Travis,

    you have to add values to the existing items that use these properties. As long as existing items contains a NULL value for your required property, you cannot change this setting. 

    If your Authoring-Tools is always the same, the easiest way would simply be a UPDATE in the SQL table directly. Of course a dangerous approach when you are not familiar with SQL. More save approach is via AML batch load script.