ERP functionality in Aras

Hello all,

We are looking to develop some ERP functionalities in Aras. Have you built any ERP functions in Aras using the out-of-the-box modules?

Please share your thoughts, we would greatly appreciate any inputs on this.

Thank you very much in advance!

  • Theres are not much ERP features available in Innovator. Only one that is somehow related to ERP is the Vendor ItemType. (Nobody uses this ItemType to handle Vendors, cause it uses a complete unrealistic concept)

    I haven´t seen a lot of ERP-like customization yet. Sure it should be possible, but it´s uncommon.  

    First you should answer your the following question: How far do you want to go? ERP can cover a lot of things:
    - Handle vendor data
    - Bills and orders
    - Warehouse management
    - CRM
    - Calculations
    - ...

    What topics do you want to cover?