Client Side Logic for closing Header tabs using cross sign

Hi, I am trying to find the client side logic for closing Header tabs, as you can see in below screenshot

Actually I have a front end application, that I am showing in TOC View, where I want to add some logic which it will check before the tabs get closed. I can manage to do that in the client side method cui_htcm_close_click for Close Tab in the context menu of Header tabs

But this method doesn't get triggered if I close the tab using cross sign in Tabs. I tried to find the logic in javascript file aras_object.js presrnt in CodeTree, but I didn't get any.

Can you please help me to find the logic for closing the tabs?

Thank You

  • Hi djs8qns,

    May I ask what exactly you are trying to do? There may be an alternative say, for example, if you want to run some logic to check the user fills in some information before closing out of the Item we can add the logic to the lock/unlock onClick event.

    Direct answer to your question: the JavaScript function you are looking for is aras.uiCloseWindowEx(), you will need to pass it the item_id and it will then close that open item. However, note that it doesn't work for search grids and only for open items.

    You can find this method in your codetree under (\Innovator\Client\javascript\ui_methodsEx.js). However, another side note, we do not recommend people change functionality at that level since it would affect any tab of any type not just the specific Rule tab you are closing in your example.

    Hope this helps!