Windows / .NET 4.8 Updates Cause 'Error: Cannot access OAuth Server due to 500 (Internal Server Error)'


I went through some trouble getting Aras running, and eventually got it going with the .NET 4.7.2 / and 2.1..8 Hosting Bundle

My IT Department went in and did some windows updates, upgrading my server to .NET 4.8, and I'm back to the dreaded 500 message


IT says they installed these updates:





Is there a Hosting bundle that is compatible with .NET 4.8 (Aras 12) 

How do I get it running again? 

  • I tried to uninstall all of the updates, but Windows would not let me uninstall the .NET update. 

    A week later IT automatically reinstalled the the updates I uninstalled. There is no going back.  

    Server is useless now, Aras doesn't work. Can't demo it to management.

    I can't believe support won't help at all, we can't be the only ones who keep our servers up to date. No response for 26 days now.

  • Hi Bryan,

    .NET 4.7.2 should not be necessary. I was not able to install it at all during my last two Aras server setups, cause I already had newer versions installed. And finally turned out that it was not needed at all, so I simply started to ignore this requirement.

    Error 500 is caused by missing 2.1.8 hosting bundle. That´s nothing new of course. But you really have to choose the correct installer. I cover this one in my video around minute 9:21:

    Hope it will work for you as well! 

  • I was able to resolve this issue by installing the .NET 4.7.2 Developer Kit, Uninstalling and Reinstalling Completely. Repair install did not work. 

  • Thanks for the hint! interesting that in your case it was necessary to use .NET 4.7.2. Maybe there is some dependency with IIS settings, so in some setups it´s required, in others not.

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