Showing Completed Training

Hello everyone,

I am currently updating the "Users" section of ARAS, and I decided to include training that is required for a specific individual.

1) How can I link a job description to a list of training that needs to be completed?

2) Once they complete their training requirements, what can I do so it shows that it has been completed through the "Users"?

Note: The job title is an identity, how do I link that to the list of required training?

  • Have you build the training related items types by yourself or have you bought this training extension?

    Both of your tasks should be possible.

    For 1) try to find out the involved ItemTypes, and unhide the hidden filds

    For 2) I don´t fully understand your question, but I assume you want tol roll-up the result. It´s a task for a Method.

  • I built the training item types by myself.

    1) I created a separate identity with different job descriptions, and within these job titles i put the training that is required for each one. However, when I type that job title in the "users" it does not pull the training that is required for that specific individual. (We are utilizing relationship types)

    2) Is there a way to show that they've completed the training? I added a "completion" section within the "users" but it does not pull any information (it is blank).

  • A graded assignment in your course may show as ‘Due’ or not be marked as ‘Completed’ if you are missing a green check mark in that section, but this does not affect your grading or certificate status. Sometimes advanced assignment types might not receive the green check mark Hrmthread Login