BOM with 2 ItemTypes


The BOM of my Parts are made with  2 kind of  part : 

   - Component (commercial off-the-shelf), with no version management, very simple life cycle

   - Part with versionnnig, comlex life cycle ,....

In aras the ItemType "PART BOM"  (relationShip)  links Parts to Parts.

1/ But how to add "Component" ItemType  to this relationShip  if it's possible ? 

2/ How would  you manage this kind of BOM ?  

Thanks !

  • Hi,

    When you input a part into ARAS, it asks for the type. If you put "Assembly" as the type then you can create a BOM. For components you wouldn't need to create a BOM. You need to create your components first then once it has been created it you can add it to the BOM or any sub assembly/ assembly.

    -Hope this helps.

  • Thanks   for your anwser.

    But Part with "Component" tye have the same behavior  than the part with "Assembly" type : versionning, same life cycle, isn't it ? 

    I would like to have 2 different behaviors for Component and Part  (Assembly) And a Bom part can contains Component and Parts. 

    A Other possibility is to have only the ItemType Prts and hidden the field version,....  in the form  if  type is  Component, but how the specify a other life cycle ? 

  • I just found that's possible to define a view and/or a life cycle depending of the classification !! Great, I will explore this feature !!