Invisible product menu in the TOC

Hi All,

We've just added new user as design engineer account by super user (root).

And log in by new sample user who is design engineer.

But product menu is invisible from this new user.

I think my process is not correct. 

<design engineer account >

1. add user

2. add identity as super user.

3. add team member in the engineering team by Team menu.

Best Regards!

  • Can you try clearing the browser cache.

    If it does not help, open item type and check the TOC Access tab

    Ensure that user is member of that identity mentioned in TOC Access tab

  • Hi  

    Thank you for replying.

    Although I tried to clear cache, TOC menu is not changed.

    I think My misunderstanding for the permission or user identity make this result.

    1.I added Identity for the created user as Team manager which is available to use for the user.

     2. And Added Team manager's permission in the "Product" identity.

    3. I tried to clear browser cache.

    All created user TOC menu is still minimum function.

  • Hi ,

    I can add permission for new user as below.

    1.Open Item type and looking for the menu which I want to change. 

    2.E.g. Open Product and change edit mode.

    3.check the TOC access and TOC view whether permission for new users is included or not.

    -If no, add identity in it.

    Best Regards!