Customizing Relationship Grid


I want to add one column in relationship grid and that column contains some hyperlink text or image. I want to handle the "onClick" event on that particular column/cell.

What I did, I am able to add column in relationship grid by adding property(action) to relationship as shown in screenshot. 
My question is: How can I add hyperlink text or image in that column which I added?
Is there any way to handle the "onClick" event on column/cell?


  • Hi Nilesh,

    Adding an image to a column within a relationship grid generally does not render well and requires some extra steps to reconfigure the entire grid to show the image well. Also would cause loading times to increase if there are many rows being generated. What are you trying to do exactly? What do you want the link to go to, is it to open another item? 



  • Hi Nithin,

    I don't want to show image in relationship grid, Just some small icon as like provided in innovator for part, document, etc.

    I have added two action in relationship grid, open and cancel as shown in screenshot below.
    Is there any way to add some image icon with the label open and close? Please provide a steps if it is possible.