Installation Woes

Trying to install V12.0.0

The web server works fine before the installation. However, after the installation, it stops and cannot be restarted. I have installed all the .nets and what nots. Nothing helps, except for uninstalling IIS and then reinstalling it. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  • Kaftab,

    How are you testing the server before and after? Is anything else running on the server whose behavior you can observe, or are you looking at some readout from IIS? My best guess off of what you've described is some custom value change during installation or some collision with something else operating off of the server- if Aras Innovator is the first thing installed after IIS, and the default values are used wherever possible, do you at least get a specific error message?

    I suspect by the time I can replicate this on my machine we'd know the fix.

    Skyler C.