After Installation of ARAS I am getting this Blank Screen, How to Resolve It ?

  • ARAS PLM Learner,

    I'm curious if you're getting any specific errors. It looks like you're using Firefox- if you right click somewhere in that page, you should have an "Inspect Element" option. Open that, then open the console tab. (You can also get here by hitting ctrl+shift+k.) Refresh the page, and look to see if anything shows up in the console.

    Just from looking at that box, I'm a little suspicious that javascript got disabled somehow, though when I try and replicate this I don't get the beveled box that you do. If other sites that use javascript are working for you, then it's probably not that.

    Skyler C.

  • Dear Skyler,

    I have just installed Innovator and I am having exactly the same problem.

    You'll find a screenshot below. Unfortunatley, the console is in German, but most error messages seem to mention a MIME-type conflict or an unknown, missing or incorrect MIME type. I get similar errors in Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

    Do you have an idea about a possible reason for that error?


  • Somehow reminds me to a problem with the German language pack that I faced too. Will your Innovator work when you switch browser language to English?

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