Converting Word file to pdf.


       I have seen Aras CAD to pdf  converter, It's working as I am able to convert CAD file to pdf. Now I want Word file to be converted into pdf.

Is there any way to convert word file to pdf in Aras Innovator? If yes can I get documentation related to this?



  • Nilesh,

    If you're a subscriber, then Office Connector is available and would do this quite easily. When saving Word files to Aras Innovator via the Office Connector, a .pdf version is automatically created and added alongside the Excel file and can even be viewed within Aras Innovator. Aras Innovator's answer to this problem is the Office Connector, so most direct documentation you find on the topic will be how to use Office Connector. I believe the relevant section of documentation is section 4 of the Office Connector user guide- specifically 4.4, table 3, page 27 of version 12R3. (Yeah, I'm a documentation nerd, ask anyone in Labs.) Short version- make a new Aras Document in Word or Save To Aras, make your changes, then hit Save and Close. The .pdf should be created in a moment or two.

    Without Office Connector, you could do it via some method code or possibly with the word processor you used to create the word file. You could have a go of it with making an ActiveXObject in javascript, though VB has some existing tools for working with Microsoft Office. 

    Hope that helps!

    Skyler C.