How could I get Life cycle's stage change time?


My item type have 4 different stage  in life cycle,How could I get the change time between different stage ? 


  • Hi Tenny,
    it depends. For certain change ItemTypes the available properties can already store this information:
    - e.g. created_on --> may tell you about state 'New'
    - or released_on --> set when state = 'Completed'

    These properties of course doesn´t cover all states you may have.. In this case, maybe the history would offer a better overview. You could use a custom history where you just log the promote actions.

  • Hi Angelalp,

    Becase we need to know when every stage change's time.  You suggest to have another item type to record the time of life cycle change? How to do that? Thanks...

  • No, you don´t need an extra ItemType. You can either use separate properties were you store the dates, or simply activate the history in the ItemType were the promotion dates will be stored automatically.