Group Box Border

Hello I created group box in form.But I want to know how to give border to entire group box.
  • Hello, You can add inputs and a border to a Group Box by following the steps below.
    1. Create a Group Box
      1. Under the "Field Type" tab, add a name for this Group Box (e.g. group_box)
    2. Create your additional inputs
      1. Under the "Field Physical" tab, set the Positioning of each input to Static
      2. Under the "Field Border" tab, set the Container Name of each input to the name of your Group Box
    3. Select your parent Group Box again
      1. Under the "Field Border" tab, set the Border Width to your desired width
    4. You may need to save the Form to see these changes take effect
    For an example within Aras Innovator, you can look at the ItemType Form which contains several different Group Boxes with borders. Chris ____________________________________ Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Thank you so much. Previously I did not saved form so changes was not reflected.
  • Hi, how do I set the width of the group box and align the property fields in rows and columns within the same group box. For instance I created a material group box, I want prop1, prop2, prop3 to show in the first row, prop4, prop5, prop6 to show in the 2nd row and so on

    The group box does not seem to resize to the desired width and height.

  • Hi Sunil,

    I don't believe this is possible with a single group box, but it should be possible by using multiple group boxes such that each row you want to define is it's own group box which are all wrapped in a parent group box. 

    For an example of this, you can look at the search group box in the ItemType Form of a standard database.