Take Warning - No Way Of Properly updating ARAS Packages w/ open 11.9

We setup on 11.9 a few months ago, but did not install all of the packages. We did install change management. After getting all setup and operating, we found out that we had somehow ended up with an old version of the change management package. We were unable to add documents to our change order. How we ended up with the older version is mystery to me, because in 2015 these changes were in place. community.aras.com/.../ We figured, okay... lets get our packages updated to make sure everything is correct. As it turns out... there's no reasonable way of installing the current primary packages (change management, project management, quality mgmt...etc) without having a subscription for the most recent version. The installation platform doesn't offer any means or method of grabbing the most recent compatible versions of the packages for the open versions of ARAS 11.9. Worse... when attempting to install an older version, it squawks that version we have is incompatible, while the newer version says the same thing. In one case, it was looking for 7 or 5, the other is looking for 11. It even managed to leave a bunch of files on the server after the failed installation that jacked up my current installation. The impact matrix had an updated html fileand some new JS that refused to allow me to move a ticket from in planning to in work state throwing the following error.
Failed to get the Express ECO EDR Grouping ItemType.
I've been through all of the client events & cannot find the source of that error. To boot... the client event that was restricting items on the ECO is now gone. It's truly gotten sideways on this setup. I'm getting real dang close to an implementation working here and proving that the cost of the licensed PDM/PLM implementation can pay itself off in spades... but I just had to roll my server back a week to fix the fowl ups that the package update system created. Luckily my data loss isn't huge. Can you guys please add some option in the ARAS update tool that allows you to pull down the most recent compatible versions of the standard packages for the current public release of ARAS (11.9)? Seriously... this has put me in an awful position and if it hadn't been for catching it early, it could have been the end of this project.
  • Hi theller85, We have an open enhancement request for Aras Update regarding Innovator/application compatibility. It is being reviewed for a future release of the Aras Update utility. In the meantime, here are the applications available via Aras Update that support Aras Innovator 11.0 SP9:
    Application Name Application Version
    Aras Process Quality Binding 11.0 R1
    Aras Quality Management System 11.0 R2
    Aras Component Engineering 11.0 R5
    Aras Product Engineering 11.0 R1 (default) 11.0 R3
    Aras Technical Documentation 11.0 R1
    Aras Program Management 11.0 R1 (default) 11.0 R2
    Aras Manufacturing Process Planning 11.0 R2
    Note: The Aras "Core & Solutions" database contains PE 11.0 R1 and PM 11.0 R1 by default. These are available in Aras Update, but do not need to be explicitly installed unless the target database is an Aras "Core" database. Most Aras databases are "Core and Solutions", as it is the default option in the Aras Innovator installer. I hope this helps with your implementation! Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • can i know which application versions supports innovator 11sp12.

    thanking you.

  • Hi Venkatsaiavvaru,

    We currently support the following applications via Aras Update for Aras Innovator Version 11 SP12:

    Application Name Application Version
    Aras Technical Documentation 11.0R1
    Aras Process Quality Binding 11.0R1
    Aras Project Management 11.0R4
    Aras Quality Management System 11.0R2
    Aras Component Engineering 11.0R6
    Aras Product Engineering 11.0R4
    Aras Manufacturing Process Planning 11.0R3


  • Thanks alot for your quick and best reply.!! have a nice day