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Dear Listers, We are looking for training in Aras and would like to understand the cost logistics. Regards Vilas
  • Hi Vilas, You can go to the Aras website and fill out a quick form and one of our community managers will get back to you with more information. Or you can call one of our international offices and speak to a community manager directly. Additionally, training classes are free for subscribers. It is included in the subscription cost. Hope this helps :) Jillian
  • Hi,

    One of the possible upcoming courses is Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 12. It costs $2500. I wanted to register for the 5-day hands-on training course, but when I filled in all the information and pressed Register button, the page went blank and I didn't receive any confirmation email about the successful registration.

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  • Hello Albrecht,

    I belong to the Aras Training Team in Europe.
    Currently I do not see any registration in the mentioned training for anybody with the first name Albrecht.
    Please try again via the registration page, there are only few vacancies. If you do not receive a registration confirmation latest after 10 minutes, please contact - my US colleagues will support you.

    By the way: If anybody wants to contact the Aras training team Europe, feel free to send an eMail to 

  • Hello,

    Albrecht is my second name. The fisrt name is Stefan. I will try again via the registration page in a few hours when I get back to my PC. Could you please check the registration details once again then? Thank you. I'm located in Leipzig (this year finished International Summer School "Visual Software Analytics"). Are registrations open only for US users perhaps?

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  • Dear Stefan, sorry for coming back to you so late. If you have further questions please contact me directly via

    To your questions:

    • No, Aras does not limit the trainings to special citizens, so this is not a blocking point for you.
    • You are still not registered for the training.
    • There are still places available in the training.
    • If you are still interested I could do the registration for you. In case please send me a mail.
    • Did you see, that a prerequisite for the Training Aras Innovator Developing Solutions is the contents of the training Configuring Solutions?
      If course it is ok if you acquire the knowledge through self study.
    • The next options with those trainings is in January in Lyon/France - January 13th Configuring Solutions, January 20th Developing Solutions. The second is almost full.