Filter Search Dialog

Hi, I have an action which will execute a client side method to trigger the Search Dialog popup for an ItemType . See the sample code below. var topWnd = aras.getMostTopWindowWithAras(window);'SearchDialog', topWnd.main || topWnd , params) How can i filter the results which are displayed in the search dialog popup? I know that, there is a way to predefine the filters using the client side event 'onSearchDialog', but in my case i cannot use that event directly, as i am triggering the search dialog popup from a client side method, not from a property.
  • Hi Dharmatej34,

    I ran into the same use case myself recently, but was unable to find a solution. Since my use case only had a few options to display (not potentially hundreds), I used a custom populated dropdown field as a workaround. In this method, you can see how I populated dropdown lists with the Locations and Parts related to a Process Plan.

    Hope this helps! If we do figure out how to pass an idlist or search parameters, we'll definitely make it a blog topic.


    Eli Donahue

    Aras Labs Lead Engineer