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APPLICATION - PRODUCT ENGINEERING - Alternates, substitutes and reports

BobG - Thursday, June 23, 2016 10:49 AM:


I'm considering using substitutes or alternates in a BOM I'm building. Key to the decision is how easy it is to 'see' them in reports and in day-to-day use of the search menus.

1) If I use a substitute, is there any way to see it in a BOM other than checking each individual component in turn? i.e. is there any standard view in which it's visible?

2) I have a version of the standard Multilevel BOM Report that I've hacked down to show just a couple of levels of parts and quantities. How would I add an alternate or substitute part to this report? I understand I'd need to add a new query to the Report tab; if you could help with that, I can probably figure out how to call it in the Stylesheet tab...

Many thanks


edonahue - Friday, July 15, 2016 4:52 PM:

Hi Bob,

The following AML should get you started with your custom Multilevel BOM Report. Aras Innovator doesn't currently have a standard view that shows substitutes/alternates in the BOM, but you are on the right track with your idea to customize the Multilevel BOM Report. I've modified the AML below to query for substitutes on the BOMs returned by the report.