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DEVELOPERS FORUM - Sending Email Through Aras ( Email Notification ).

Hrishikesh - Wednesday, June 8, 2011 4:02 PM:

Hi All,

          I want to send an Email Notification through workflow. what are the Exact Steps should be follow please guide me regarding these Email Notification.

         I have good knowledge regarding Aras Innovator, But in sending Email through Aras it is much complicated and there are no correct steps to follow for the Email Notification.

I Have some questions regarding Email Notification are as follow.

    1) What are the Steps that I should do for Sending the Email Notification through Workflow or from Promoting          Life Cycle.

    2) what should be set "smtp server" or "Mail Server " in InnovatorServerConfig.xml.

    3) what should ensure that the IIS Server is correctly configured.

    4) I also defined the Email Id to the Users in Aras.

           I Have tried as per other Email Notification POST's are said but the Mail are not send from Aras. Some POST's are half  they have no solution defined in there Post just said that it worked. Please tell the Exact Solution regarding Email Notification.

Please Guide me as early as possible.


Thank You


scottmahr - Thursday, June 9, 2011 2:18 PM:

Hi Hrishikesh,

Here is a quick walk through of testing email using a server side method.  

  • First, create a test E-Mail Message (in the Administration tab) named "simpleTest".  Enter a Subject and a Body Plain as anything you would like.  Enter the From User as Innovator Admin.  Save and lock.
  • Make sure the Innovator Admin has an email address entered in their user information.  
  • Next, create a test method (server-side, c#).  Use the following code:

Innovator inn = this.getInnovator();
Item myResult; 
//First grab an identity to send the mail to.  
//You can find the ID by right clicking on an identity and selecting "Properties"
//and then selecting "copy"
//Make sure that the user(s) in that identity have valid email addresses
Item idnt = inn.getItemById("Identity", "7974A0D1114A4F649A13894749DC4FC9");
//Next, grab the email we want
myResult = inn.applyAML("<AML>"+
  "<Item type='Email Message' action='get'>"+
Item myEmail = myResult.getItemByIndex(0); myEmail, idnt );

return inn.newResult("email sent, worked great");

  • Lastly, configure your InnovatorServerConfig.xml file on the server for the correct SMTPServer.  This works for us <Mail SMTPServer="" />
  • Now you should be free to select actions, "Run Server Method" from your test method and get an email sent to yourself.  


Hopefully this works, if not, some setting are probably incorrect in your configuration files.  Also, check to make sure every user involved has a valid email address.  



Rahul. - Monday, February 6, 2012 12:35 AM:

Hi Scott I successfully started Email Notification in my Company but the message in email notification is very simple like "document is released" but i want to add some dynamic things like part no., item type, document name etc. I had done lots of experiments with coding in email body but i don't get result. All i get is email message without item no. ,item type etc. So if you have any idea, how to get item type name, item no. etc in message or what i am missing then plz share it. Thanks Rahul

Rahul. - Monday, February 6, 2012 6:03 AM:

Plz ignore the above post. I reeslve the issue. Thanks Rahul.