Chrome New Update Extension Cycle

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The missing revision check is a high risk. We cannot trust the MBOM data if in certain cases they will not match the original values specified in the EBOM. In worst case, this can lead to serious problems in the final product. How shall we fully track our product lifecycle, when we have wrong data?

Unfortunately MPP is not in the focus of Aras right now. So I do not assume Archeroapk there will be much development in this application. I wonder if it´s possible to add the revision check on our own?  Maybe we can customize the Method mpp_GetBomTreeGrid to add an additional MBOM validation. Or a simple on Avakinmod BeforeAdd Method when adding Consumed Parts to Operations, that checks if the Part exactly matches the Part specified in the EBOM. The second idea is probably easier to do, but we have to consider that we may have a multilevel EBOM.

Looking for the suggetion below

Thanks in advance