PLM Error


I left PLM running and got this error. This error doesn't show up all the time. After I re-open the PLM and it's working fine.

Infor PLM Accelerate client has failed to initialize.

Some required controls('Utils.dll', 'Vault.dll') were not loaded. Reinstalling application may solve this problem.

I'm wondering if someone might come across this error.



  • Jakk,

    Just checking- are you using Infor PLM Accelerate? That's built on Aras Innovator, but the client is different enough I haven't seen that error before. They may be able to offer more targeted support. If reinstalling is feasible, I would strongly advise you to make a database backup first.

    If you aren't using Infor PLM Accelerate but previously did, then I suspect something has gone awry with the uninstall. How long did it run for prior to getting the error? 

    Skyler C.