MPP Execution - Is it in the plans? or how do people integrate with other tools?

I am very new to the Aras world...  I have seen the demo of how the EBOM is converted to the MBOM by the creation of a MPP.  The MPP is a great way to provide instructions for technicians, assemblers, and other shop floor staff to know what needs to be done.  

But what about the next step?

Is there functionality in Aras to step technicians through the MPP operations record the outcome (time, date, who did it, pictures, torque values, etc...) in the system as an "As-Run" of the MPP?  You could see how records of quality checks by QA staff, problem reports arising during the assembly steps, test results, images, etc... would be great to have in the same system as the design.  

I know that this is getting into the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) space that Aras may not be in yet.  If Aras doesn't have this capability how are people tying into other MES systems to capture this As-Run?

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