MPP Execution - Is it in the plans? or how do people integrate with other tools?

I am very new to the Aras world...  I have seen the demo of how the EBOM is converted to the MBOM by the creation of a MPP.  The MPP is a great way to provide instructions for technicians, assemblers, and other shop floor staff to know what needs to be done.  

But what about the next step?

Is there functionality in Aras to step technicians through the MPP operations record the outcome (time, date, who did it, pictures, torque values, etc...) in the system as an "As-Run" of the MPP?  You could see how records of quality checks by QA staff, problem reports arising during the assembly steps, test results, images, etc... would be great to have in the same system as the design.  

I know that this is getting into the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) space that Aras may not be in yet.  If Aras doesn't have this capability how are people tying into other MES systems to capture this As-Run?

  • Hi gpayne,

    The Aras Labs team has created an internal prototype of this exact kind of MES functionality. The final product is currently in the planing phase, but you can expect to see it as part of the standard Aras offerings in the future. 


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • This is really interesting and I think entire community is looking forward to it. Specifically in case of Manufacturing Industry customers.

  • Hi, is there any possibility to see a demo of the MES prototype ARAS has been working on?

  • Chris,

    Thank you for the reply.  I know that it is a hard task to be everything to everyone.  Does your demonstration include the other ideas that are in MES tools such as: 

    • Work/production center scheduling
    • Creating the As Built BOM  (This is in addition to the EBOM, and MBOM)
    • Ability to hold recipes for and control manufacturing equipment like autoclaves, shaker tables, thermal vacuum chambers.  Think SCADA.
    • Production track and trace

    It would be quite something to have a PLM system that can do all the major engineering functions (MBSE, PDM, SPDM), the procurement and material tracking (MRP, PR, PO, Inventory, Kitting), the manufacturing functions (MPP, MES, MRO), and the Portfolio and Project Management (Scope, Cost, Schedule, Risk, etc...) functions in one system.  Does Aras have a road map of major functionality they are working and planing to release that is shared with the public?

    Thank you again and good luck!

  • Hello,

    With regards to the prototype, it was built as a proof of concept that was intentionally limited in scope. We built functionality to allow employees on the shop floor to record values that would be saved to the database as they followed along with the process plan. 

    However, what you're describing is exactly the kind of "digital thread" that Aras has been building towards as we've continued to expand the product. :) All of the features you mention have definitely been on our radar. You can check out the product roadmap here to see the release dates of our new applications. Namely, I think you'd be interested in the MRO and SA applications, both of which are due out in Q2 of this year.


  • Hi,

    can this PoC concept somehow be "showcased" to understand what the underlying concepts were?

  • Hi,

    I once have seen this slide at an ACE event: 

    I am not sure if the shown sample matches this discussion. But it would be really helpful to know what is upcoming