Visual Collaboration , Show By Option disabled.

I have Visual collaboration set up on my Instance however In my Discussion Panel , I would like to Sort my messages

But the Show By Box is disabled. Could someone please help me in figuring out why this is disabled and how I can Enable it.


  • BeginnerInAras,

    A couple of quick questions: First, what version of Aras are you using? Your discussion layout looks a little different from mine, and I'd like to make I'm checking solutions on a matching instance. Second, what steps did you take setting up the relevant itemtype for visual collaboration? My thought would be that there's a permissions or configuration setting on the itemtype that's disabling the Show By box. If you can do so without disruption, I'd suggest making a quick test itemtype with a one-input form, enabling that for visual collaboration, and see if the problem persists in collaborating on that item.

    Skyler C.

  • Hi Skyler,

    Thanks for your reply .

    I am currently working with Aras 12 SP 4 version. I made a couple of observations regarding the Show By functionality in Aras as follows :

    The Show By Option is enabled on the Discussion Panel for a Particular Item , and you can sort the messages by their date, by conversation or by thread.

    In My discussion page since there are messages belonging to different Items that may or may not be related to each other, Aras disables this particular Option.(Hence it was disabled in my screen shot above).

    However Aras provides a facility to bookmark items, so that they can be followed easily from the my Discussion panel , wherein It again enables the sort functionality. Thanks again for your Help

  • BeginnerInAras,

    Ah, that fits- I'm glad I could be of assistance! It sounds like following the bookmarks back to the relevant item is working for you? Thank you for posting your solution. 

    Skyler C.