AML search to return only the count of object corresponding

Hi community,

I have a request to get from an AML request only the number of item corresponding to the AML request.

In Odata and SQL it is ok but I cannot find the equiavlent.

I precise that I do not want to create a method to count the items from a tab.

For example I want to get the number of the Parts with status = Draft

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  • New way to answer to this

    Here an example with Apply Item + countOnly

      <Item type="Part" action="get" select="id,_status,_authoring_tool" returnMode="countOnly">
        <generation condition="ge">1</generation>    
            <Item type="_status" select="id" action="get">

    Aras répond

    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">">
        <Result />
          <event name="pagemax" value="1" />
          <event name="itemmax" value="48" />
          <event name="items_with_no_access_count" value="0" />

    It works better in particular if it returns 0 => 30% faster

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  • This is cool. They have introduced new attribute returnMode

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