AML search to return only the count of object corresponding

Hi community,

I have a request to get from an AML request only the number of item corresponding to the AML request.

In Odata and SQL it is ok but I cannot find the equiavlent.

I precise that I do not want to create a method to count the items from a tab.

For example I want to get the number of the Parts with status = Draft

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  • Hello Hadrien,

    You can do AmlResponse.getItemCount(), to get count of items in AML response that you receive. Alternatively of you just want to get count it would be safe to use SQL. SQL is not recommended for Create,Update and Delete operations but for Read its safe.

  • Hi Jayrajvh,

    Your answer need to write a method to use AmlResponse.getItemCount() and it implies to get a response with all objects with at list the ID...

    I want launch a SOAP request from outside Aras and just get an max item number as reply.

    For SQL, yes it's works fine... But for security reason, no access rights to data we prefere not to use it.

    ==> I found a way to do this ! Not really nice but anyway it works.

    You can use pagination with pagesize='1' and in the answer you get pagemax but also a itemmax !

    And in the reply you find :

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  • This is innovative. I liked this approach.

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